PUBLICATIONS, SEMINARS AND TRAINING

              Seminars, Workshops, Training Manuals and Publications are available through
              The Authority Of The Believers' Ministries, Inc.

              The Authority Of The Believers’ Seminar – #7-001
              This soul-stirring seminar helps to prepare the minister, worker, and every
              believer for the work of the ministry.

              The Prayer Clinic (Workshop) – #7-002
“                      Communicating with the prayer answering God”, this is an anointed seminar
              on prayer that stirs up heaven, and shakes up hell.

              The Circumcised heart (Seminar) – #7-003
              This seminar deals with matters (issues) of the heart.

              Knowing God (Seminar) – #7-004
              Just when you thought you knew God, you find out something else.  This is
              about the awesomeness of God.  Going from the hem of His garment to laying
              your head in His bosom.

              Women In Ministry (Seminar) – #7-005
              This is an anointed, and empowering seminar that addresses women in the

              I Stand Complete In Him (Single’s Seminar) – #7-006
              Singles (men and women) will be blessed and empowered through this powerful
              and encouraging seminar.

              *The Ministry (Training Manual 1) – #8-001
              An anointed, and empowering training, structured to define ministry from the
              Governmental Ministries (Five Fold Ministry), to the Congregational Ministries,
              and the various Administrations in  “The Ministry.” As well as the message, this
              also covers hermeneutics, and homiletics.

              *Church Ministerial Ethics (Training Manual 2) – #8-002
              Deals with leadership in the Church, and instructs leaders in the various areas of
              Church and Ministerial ethics and protocol.

              *The Altar Ministry And The Baptismal Room (Training Manual 3) – #8-003
              This informative training focuses on the Altar Ministry, and Baptismal Room.  
              It addresses the function of ministers, workers, nurses, and armor bearers.

              *The Birthing Room (Training Manual 4) – #8-004
              This training prepares the Minister, and the Worker to minister to souls to receive
              the gift of the Holy Ghost.

              *The Authority Of The Believers’ Spiritual Warfare Seminar (Training Manual 5) – #8-005
              This powerful and intense seminar helps to prepare the Minister and worker in the
              ministry of Spiritual Warfare

              The Battle Of The Sexes (Publication) – This one is eye opening. #1-001

              Pathway - (Publication) - This tract is a good witnessing source.  #1-002

              *All training manuals can be tailored made for your Church, Ministry and Organization.

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              Training contact:

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