About Our Ministry

An Empowering, Anointed and Effective Ministry, "For Such A Time As This."

The Authority Of The Believers' Ministries, Inc, is an empowering ministry.  The purpose of this ministry is
service.  Authority is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  It is supported through donations and staffed by
volunteers.  The activities of this Ministry includes community services which aids in developing and
enhancing the life of people by empowering them to become self sufficient and productive citizens in their
communities.  Authority serves young people (children, teens and young adults), the elderly, families, the
unemployed and underemployed, the homeless and anyone who may benefit from our services.  Our other
activities is the ministry of saving souls  through preaching and teaching the Word of God, religious services
and biblical instruction thereby impacting and effecting change in the lives of people.

Through our Community/Outreach and Evangelism we provide life skills workshops, mentoring, continuing
education information, referral services, food and non-perishable items to the youth (children, young people
and young adults), the elderly, families, the unemployed and the underemployed and the homeless, as well as
various shelters.  The
ministry of The Authority Of The Believers' Ministries is designed to build up the
individual so that he/she may have an opportunity to improve him or herself and be an asset and productive
citizen to his/her community.  

ministry assists Churches other Ministries and Organizations in community awareness and for Church
growth through Seminars, Life Enriching Workshops, Outreach and Ministry training, and Team Evangelism.
Ministry aides in preparing Ministers, Workers/Volunteers to go into the community and effect a positive

For the scheduling of training, seminars, or preaching, teaching and ministering engagements contact:

The Authority Of The Believers' Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 201626, San Antonio, TX, 78220
or call us at:  210-365-3173; or email us at: authorityofthebelievers@yahoo.com
About Us